PBIL - Pôle Bio-Informatique Lyonnais

The PBIL World Wide Web server - developed at the Laboratory of Biometry and Evolutionary Biology and the Institute of Biology and Chemistry of Proteins - is dedicated to molecular biology and ecology.

This server allows to browse through a number of general or specialized sequence databases such as GenBank, NBRF, EMBL, SWISS-PROT/TrEMBL, Hovergen, NRSub and EMGLib. It also allows access to many analytical tools for nucleotide or protein sequence analysis. The PBIL server also offers many documents relevant to these fields of research as well as links with other information sources.

This server is also devoted to the use of multivariate statistics in ecology. To that purpose it offers access to the ADE-4 (Ecological Data Analysis: Exploratory and Euclidean methods in Environmental sciences) package modules and to its on-line version: NetMul.

The PBIL has been created in January 1998 thanks to a grant provided by the COMI and the CNRS.

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