Projets soutenus

Resolving Morbilliviruses Phylogeny

Augustin Clessin (M1, ENS-Lyon),
François Roudier (ENS-Lyon),
? (Université de Copenhague\ Expertise IT : Emmanuel Quémener (CBP, ENS-Lyon)\\**

Morbilliviruses is a family of highly contagious viruses of major concern for human, livestock and wildlife health. Resolving the phylogeny and estimating divergence time of the different morbillivirus species would provide key clues for better understanding the determinants of cross-species infections. This is what we are attempting to tackle in this project, using whole genome sequences of the different species of morbillivirus to build a dated phylogeny of morbilliviruses with Bayesian methods.

Contribution du CBP

Le Centre Blaise Pascal met à disposition toute son infrastructure pour permettre des calculs sous le logiciel BEAST2.

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