Program for muscle analysis enabling global, unbiased and multi-parametric characterization of fiber populations in muscle cross-sections.

Brian B. Rudkin, PhD
Differentiation & Cell Cycle Group
LBMC, UMR 5239 CNRS/ENS Lyon/Univ Lyon 1


Short description of the project

Muscle degeneration or loss diminishes the quality of life. The causes can be genetic, disease related, accidental, environmental, or associated with aging. The study of muscle is performed in animal models around the world so as to better understand the underlying mechanisms and investigate promising new therapeutic approaches. For this, muscle cross sections are studied to determine muscle fiber number, size, gene expression and localization of the nuclei – indicators of the status of the muscle’s health and response to treatments. This process, performed manually, would take up to 8 – 12 hours per muscle. We have developed a program called CARPACCIO to perform automatic, objective evaluation of these parameters derived from microscope images of muscle cross sections, offering versatile representation of the data within less than 30 min. This is considered in the field as a methodological breakthrough.

Intervention of Centre Blaise Pascal

To make this approach available to muscle researchers around the world, we were awarded a Maturation grant from Lyon Science Transfert, the technology transfer office of the University of Lyon. We are developing CARPACCIO for implementation as a Cloud computing platform (SaaS – Software as a Service) with the support of the PSMN under the guidance of Hervé Gilquin and Loïs Taulelle, who provide the machines, the access and calculation time in close collaboration with our team and external collaborators – Sysfera for the DMZ/server interface, CorExpert for the user/back office interface and Alter Systems for optimization of the code in view of parallelization of certain calculations. The issues of security are one of the essential aspects of this multifaceted collaboration that is expertly handled by Emmanuel Quéméner.

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