Aide au diagnostic pulmonaire chez le carnivore domestique

VetagroSup : Caroline Boulocher
VetagroSup : Léo Dumortier
Centre Blaise Pascal : Emmanuel Quémener

Nowadays, the X-ray is one of the most helpful complementary exams in veterinarian medicine especially in the case of lung diseases in dogs and cats. The interpretation of a pulmonary radiograph is mostly based on the identification and the localization of the different lung patterns which is a key step in the diagnosis. But a complete and correct analysis of the lung patterns is time consuming and requires advanced skills in medical imaging. In our study we challenge several convolutional neural networks (CNN) and GPUs to recognize and localize abnormal lung patterns on radiographs from a large dataset of the veterinary school VetAgro Sup.

Contribution du CBP

The Centre Blaise Pascal provides :

  • support and ressources for deep learning training and optimization
  • expertise in GPU programming
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