Activation electrocatalytique du CO2

Coordination : Carine Michel
Post-doc : Stephan Steinmann

Electrocatalysis offers an attractive means to activate CO2 through reduction. Despite recent progress in modelling electrocatalytic reactions, many methodological questions are still open and under­standing at an atomic level is scarce. However, theoretical studies provide detailed insight under very well controlled conditions and thus complement the experimental effort towards the rational design of electrocatalysts.

Contribution du Centre Blaise Pascal à ce projet

  • Utilisation des ressources logistiques et informatiques (salle de réunion, salle des terminaux, etc.)
  • First principles, atomistic computer simulation require high-performance computing infrastructures, such as the one of the PSMN/ENS de Lyon. We are thus very grateful for the computational resources provided by the PSMN.
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