Workshops, Seminars & tutorials: Organization

Centre Blaise Pascal offers various services in the context of workshops, seminars and tutorials organized by or within CBP (contact us for information):

Speakers management

  • Communication call: Mailing, diffusion on the CBP Website
  • Reception of the Abstracts for oral presentations, transfer to the scientific committee
  • Hotel booking confirmation
  • Flight/Train tickets booking and confirmation

Participants management

  • Mailing for registration, diffusion on the CBP Website
  • Management of registration

Badges Management

  • PVC badges
  • Readiness of badges
  • Distribution of badges on D-day

Hotel Management

  • Rooms booking (Conference room, meeting room or lecture room)
  • Hotel rooms booking
  • Welcome coffee, coffee breaks, lunches and monitoring of supplies on site
  • Dinner Gala organization
  • Guided tour organization

Technical Management

  • Projector, overhead projector, Laser pointer, etc.

Publishing and communication

  • Design and print of posters, abstracts
  • Certificates of attendance and participation
  • Posters boards
  • Internet website on


  • one single interlocutor
  • Centralization of the negotiations and payments to the suppliers
  • A better monitoring
  • More time for Scientific aspects
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