SCOW4: Industrial Partnership

CBP, ENS de Lyon


E-CAM scoping workshops serve to inform industrial partners about the application of current simulation techniques relevant to their problems and to obtain their requirements for the development of new software. Industrial partners working with E-CAM ensure that the software created is used in their domains through consultancy and training. Scoping workshops also serve to recruit new industrial members helping to fund the E-CAM infrastructure beyond the initial lifetime of the project.

The meeting will focus on four main areas, providing:

a) a detailed account of the state of the art our key areas of simulation - classical Monte Carlo and MD simulations - electronic structure and ab-initio md calculations - quantum dynamics - mesoscale and multiscale methods

b) a discussion of the direction of the E-CAM project in years 2 and 3 to ensure that the project is addressing the needs of our industrial partners;

c) a forum for sharing best practice in simulation and modelling in industrial environments, including considerations of hardware and robust software

d) a discussion on education needs of and employment opportunities in industrial R&D.

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