Organization and Dynamics of colloids at liquid surfaces and interfaces

Centre Blaise Pascal, ENS Lyon, France
16 October, 2014
Website of the workshop

Scientific organizing committee

  • Olivier Pierre-Louis, ILM, Lyon
  • Laurent Joly, ILM, Lyon

Administrative coordination

  • Samantha Barendson, CBP - ENS de Lyon


Colloids at interfaces play an important role in many applications. For example, the addition of particles at interfaces may lead to spectacular changes of the macroscopic rheology, and is also crucial in biology to understand the consequence of particle-induced pollution. However, many questions are still open in the fundamental properties of these interfaces.

The understanding of the behavior of theses systems require to cover a broad range of times-scales and lengthscales, from the microscopic local organization and dynamics, to the global effective energetic and rheological properties.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together scientists from physics, chemistry, and biology, interested in the dynamics and organization of colloids at interfaces.

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