Proposal for the CECAM flagship programme in 2021

Dear Friends of CECAM,

This is our invitation for you to submit a proposal for the CECAM flagship programme in 2021.
The call is open from 26 April 2013 to 18 July 2021.

Traditional CECAM workshops are intended as a forum for the discussion of new ideas in and around our core areas: simulation and modelling at the molecular and mesoscale scale, electronic structure calculations, density functional theory, quantum simulations, etc. We are interested in the development of new techniques in these fields and the application to interesting problems in the material sciences and the life sciences. These workshops normally last for 6 half-days and have between 20 and 50 participants. We are always open to suggestions if people would like to spend a little longer looking at an important problem.

We also run an extensive set of tutorials in which PhD students, postdocs, young researchers and those interested in changing fields can learn about the simulation-driven approach to science and get a first-class grounding in new methods from experts in the CECAM network. Tutorials normally last 9 half-days with between 30 and 40 participants.

An important aspect of the CECAM programme is that it is driven by and responds to the needs of its community. You choose the programme. However for CECAM to move forward we need to stretch our boundaries and the Board of Directors of CECAM would really welcome more workshops in the fields of:

  • computational biology (e.g. systems biology, cellular modelling, medicinal chemistry;
  • simulations of the formation of defects in materials, the dynamics of dislocations and the propagation of cracks;
  • the simulation and modelling of systems far from equilibrium;
  • quantum dynamics;
  • multi-scale modelling of friction and wear between surfaces.

We continue to remain interested in all aspects of multi-scale modelling.

Organizers of CECAM events play a crucial role in advertising their initiative, establishing the programme and selecting the participants. At the end of each workshop, we ask the organizers and participants to prepare a short report on the important new problems to be solved in the field, the directions that the field might take and any new initiatives and collaborations resulting from their deliberations.

CECAM workshops and tutorials can be run at CECAM HQ (Lausanne, Lugano, and Zurich in Switzerland) or at any one of the eighteen CECAM nodes described at our web-site. In the submission, we will ask you to be specific about your required location and your preferred dates.

Proposals are submitted online through All workshop proposals will be peer reviewed. Emphasis should be placed on outlining the challenging issues, which will be the focus of the event, and in establishing your proposed list of lecturers and participants.

All tutorial will be assessed by the scientific advisory committee of CECAM. A clear lecture plan for the tutorial and an outline of the hands-on experience provided at the tutorial are needed to make this assessment.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 18 July 2021. The CECAM Council will make the final decision about the 2022 programme. The proposers will be informed of the outcome within two weeks of this decision.

We are looking forward to receiving your proposals.

CECAM Director

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