Progresses in quantum information and quantum simulation

Centre Blaise Pascal, ENS Lyon, France
1-3 October, 2014

Website of the workshop

Scientific organizing committee

  • Pascal Degiovanni, ENS de Lyon
  • Tommaso Roscilde, ENS de Lyon

Administrative coordination

  • Samantha Barendson, CBP - ENS de Lyon


Organized by the CNRS research networks on “Quantum information, foundations and applications” and “Cold atoms”, this conference will present the recent developments in quantum technologies for quantum information, quantum simulations and quantum metrology. A special enmphasis will be put on recent progresses in quantum simulation based on cold atom systems although the conference will also review photonic and solid-state based systems.

By gathering the quantum information and cold atoms communities, this conference will enable participants to exchange on state of the art developments in the vast and active filed of quantum state manipulation.

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