Long-range systems

Location: Salle de réunion LR6 C 023, Centre Blaise Pascal, ENS-Lyon, France
June 17, 2011


9h00-9h45 Bruce MILLER (Texas) Gravitational Dynamics: From Billiards to Cosmology
10h00-10h25 Cesare NARDINI (Firenze, Lyon) Caloric curve of King models of star clusters with and without a short distance cutoff

10h30 Pause

11h00-11h45 Michael JOYCE (Paris) Quasi stationary state and the range of pair interactions
12h00-12h25 Shamik GUPTA (Lyon) Relaxation dynamics of stochastic long-range interacting systems

12h30 Lunch

14h00-14h45 Hugo TOUCHETTE (Londres) Ensemble equivalence for general many-body systems
15h00-15h25 Aurelio PATELLI (Florence) Fluctuation dissipation relations for long-range systems
15h30-15h55 Marianne CORVELLEC (Lyon) Phase transitions in two-dimensional and geophysical turbulence
16h00-16h25 Simon THALABARD (Saclay) Mécanique statistique des écoulements d'Euler 3D axisymétriques : une approche systématique ?

16h30 Week-End

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